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Donors will be positively identified by their pictures using the Donor Module with one of the following options:  1.  Fingerprint,  2.  Donor ID Card or  3.  State ID / Driver’s License Card.  After the donors are positively identified, donor-eligibility is checked.  Only visit-eligible donors are allowed to proceed.  Visit-eligible donors can edit their demographic data, complete their electronic FDA recognized, AABB uniform, donor health questionnaire online, sign and submit the form to a secured central database.  Electronic signature are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  Help-links are provided to assist donors answering the questions.  Interfaces are available to update the back-end donor management system with the demographic changes. 

Download Donor Module Presentation


Using staff module administrator can add, delete and edit staff details. Staff will enroll(add) a donor to Picture-ID by linking the blood donor Id with their fingerprint, picture, state or donor identification cards and storing them in the Picture-ID database.  Staff will review, approve or reject demographic changes made by donors in the Donor Module.  Staff Interviewer will review the donor history questionnaire form submitted by donor.  SOP links are provided to help staff perform the donor interview in compliance with blood bank established standard operating procedures.  Interviewer will key-in donor mini physical and can allow the donor to proceed to a donation or defer the donor.  Reasons for the decisions or comments for each answers can be made on the form electronically.  Only donors approved to donate by the Interviewer are allowed to proceed to see the Phlebotomist.  The Phlebotomist will review the interviewer’s work, performs other test and makes the final decision to perform the draw.  The donor can be deferred any time before the draw decision is made.  All draw information are electronically captured and interfaced to the backend donor management system.   Additional Reviewer can make the final review of the whole document and the blood unit and authorizes successful completion or place a hold on the unit for any reasons.  Successful-draw donor history forms are frozen and stored in a central database with access to authorized personnel such as blood bank medical officers or auditors over the network.  The above workflow can be customized to individual blood bank needs.

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eDHQ is a web-based application. Donors can login from home, office or anywhere to complete their donor history questionnaire form on day of donation before coming to the blood bank to donate.   The process is similar to the Donor Module above.  Extensive security is included with transport layer security or SSL.  We will assist to configure your security at 2048 bit or other levels that is filtered through your hardware firewall and your software firewall.  When donors arrive on day of donation at the blood center they have to review their answers in the donor history form they submitted, sign and re-submit electronically and follow the workflow listed in the Staff Module.  By this process your donor can save the time at blood center and you can capture the data before the donor arrives at your center.

Download eDHQ Presentation